Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Thank you for your interest in having me review your book!

I accept complimentary books direct from publishers, agents, & authors in exchange for an HONEST review.

Only published, self-published, and upcoming release books will be reviewed. No unpublished books.

All books MUST be in English. I will only review FICTION books in the genres listed below.

Below is a list of the kinds of books I review:

- Multicultural Fiction (Latino, African, Asian, Indian, etc.)
- Women's Fiction
- Chick Lit
- Humor
- Romance  

- Mystery
- Suspense
- Thriller
- Horror
- Paranormal

- Young Adult
- Short Stories/Novellas/Anthologies 

- Graphic Novels
- Children's Books

I reserve the right to refuse any work that doesn't meet my interest, fit into the genres listed, or fit into my schedule.

DO NOT review:
- Sci-Fi 
- Fantasy
- Dystopian
- Westerns
- Historical
- Erotica
- Gay/Lesbian

- Religion
- Political

- Military
- Sports
- Travel
- Poetry
- Essays
- Self-Help
- Non-Fiction/Memoirs

- Procedural (police, medical, judicial, political, etc.)
- Nothing obscenely graphic, violent, or sexual

Accepted Formats:

Reviews are based on a 5-star rating system and are shared on Amazon and Goodreads.
Good reviews are NOT guaranteed. Reviews will be posted with my rating, good or bad. Always remember that ANY review is better than NO review. 

Timeline: Reviews are posted in queue, based on order book was received and read. I also work on many other projects, but I try to get through my list of books as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot give a definitive timeline. A link will be emailed notifying you that your review has been posted. Please be patient.

To submit a book for review, please fill out the form below:

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  1. I am really looking forward to your review.

  2. Thanks for your consideration. Please give my book a chance with you.

    -Grigsby, G.C. Warner Author

  3. Hi, I would really appreciate a review of my thriller, Chickenhawk. I can submit it to you via ebook format.

  4. I'd really appreciate a review of my humour novel, Elvis in Wonderland. 'Buddy has only been in the Elvis Tribute Artist game for a couple of years and he's having the time of his life! He would love to quit his day job and take on entertaining full time. He truly believes he's got what it takes: Talent, top-notch costumes, a beautiful girlfriend, a great car. So what's stopping him? 'Elvis in Wonderland' explores this mysterious world of sideburns and glitter. From the creation of his suits and the constant practicing of his act to the bizarre backstage antics at the competitions and shows; you'll get a insider's look at this fascinating society.' Contact me and I can send you a copy! Thanks! - Marya Kalen

  5. I'm trying to send you a request, but your form has a problem. When I fill it out stating that I am the author, it says that the field is not filled in.

  6. Hello Sandra, l also could not submit my request as the 'author' field kept rejecting in a loop. May I contact you by email instead please? My own email is Thank you/ Mark

  7. Hi Sandra—I’m unable to submit as an author. Please advise. Thanks!

  8. Sandra: Thanks for allowing me to post. I can provide a PDF and also am on NetGalley. I hope to hear from you.